Sunday, July 13, 2014

One last hurrah!

Last year we had a reunion for my father’s side of the family at my house.  Yesterday, we had a reunion for the other side of the family and it was held at my uncle’s place.

What an awesome day and an awesome time!

I got to spend time with my relatives that I am close to but don’t see enough as well as meeting/seeing relatives that I have either never met or haven’t seen in years.  It was interesting to meet my mother’s first cousins that she spent a lot of time with as a kid but then went their separate ways.

It was fantastic to have a totally laid back and fun time.  There were no miserable people unlike some times when these get-togethers happen with people that have very little in common other then a blood line.   

I spent some time with my grandmother:


And later in the day did a little horseback riding:











And the food??!!  Don’t even get me started!

All in all it was a great way to end my time off. 

I am crushed to see my vacation coming to an end – yes, I have been spoiled rotten the last couple weeks.

There is still a lot of summer to go, but tomorrow is the reset time.  Back to normal and healthy eating and hopefully getting those 5 or more pounds off.  I am also hoping to get back on track running wise.

According to my database in the 2 weeks that I was off, I traveled 99.9 miles.  Wow.  So I wasn’t exactly sitting on my ass, BUT I really feel that my running is completely off kilter.

I have a 10K race next weekend and I am actually nervous about it given how sucky my runs have been.  But all I can do is what I can do.  We’ll see…

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