Sunday, July 20, 2014

A mixed bag…

Today was the Tibbett’s Point 10K.  I got first place for women 1 year ago, but a year ago feels like FOREVER ago.
Reading back on my notes from that race, I had overindulged on vacation, but my weight had since come down, my spirits were high and my running was on point.
What a difference a year makes.
I’ve been anticipating this race with a feeling that could be described as dread.  My running has been so bad, that I was afraid I wouldn’t even finish.
I put wayyyyy too much importance on this race.  All day yesterday I was thinking about it with anxiety.  I had myself convinced that this race would practically define the rest of my life.
If I had a good run everything would be okay.  I would get back on track eating wise and get my weight down and I would be able to run.  If I had a terrible run – well, then it was all over.
So I arrived at the race location not wanting to run at all.
And the first mile I felt FEAR.  And by the turnaround for the 5K racers?  I wanted to and thought I would quit.
But I didn’t.
It was not a great run.  I felt sluggish.  BUT the Achilles didn’t bother me hardly at all.  My stupid new sneakers – the one kept coming untied and I stopped 4 GODDAMN times to tie it.  And I was TOAST by the end.  If there hadn’t been a cheering crowd I might have walked over the finish line but my pride prevented that.

Results?  I came in first again for women.  With a time of 47:58.  My scrapbook tells me I was in at 47:33 last year so – taking into account my sneaker incidents?  Pretty close…
So the good news is that I think what is going on is mostly in my head.  The bad news is – something is going on in my head!
So it is a mixed bag.  Some good and some bad. 
Crossing the finish line – I was DONE.

The 10K male winner – a BLISTERING finish time of 34:28!

So what now?  I want to share a little more about this race and some stuff that happened and will tomorrow.

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  1. Nice picture. You look great!!!