Thursday, July 10, 2014

Taking it easy on myself…

As I mentioned, yesterday was a good day.  I stepped on the scale in the morning and it was 123.7.  Certainly not what my goal is, but just dropping down some was good.

I then decided I was going to run.  I put on my new kicks and headed out the door.  What a difference!!!  I know that my other sneaks were worn out – even though they only had about 350 miles on them, they are minimalist sneaks which wear out faster, plus I do almost all my running on pavement so that wears them out quicker.

I also realized on Monday night when Marc and I did yoga how stiff and tight everything was.  I didn’t being my foam roller when we went camping so I have been foam rolling the shit out of my legs.

So whether it was doing yoga on Monday and Tuesday or foam rolling or a couple of days of rest or new sneakers – the run was a success.

Now I’m not going to claim it was the best run of my life, but I did 8 miles with an average pace of 7:47 and mostly pain free and certainly not what I had been experiencing.  What a relief.  And my Achilles is hardly bothering me at all this morning.  All good things.

Then I was thinking about my weight and still being sort of down on myself and I said to myself that I really need to lose 5 pounds.  And then I thought – 5 pounds?  Not 55, not 105, but 5.  So after vacation I get to work and lose those or I don’t – it’s my choice.  But 5 pounds isn’t a disaster, right?

I wrote in a comment that I don’t think that anyone who has not been morbidly obese can understand the fear that comes with the thought that I could end up there again.  But the reality is that it is MY CHOICE.  I can choose to gain it back or I can choose to lose or choose to stay where I am, right?  A 5 pound gain does not equal a 225 pound gain.

Finally, I’m not sure if I told you guys that Marc entered me in a contest in May and I won a prize pack.  One of the prizes was a manicure.  I have never gotten a manicure, so I did that yesterday


I like the color and even though I can paint my own nails – which is why I’ve never had one – it was nice to have a little bit of pampering!

So I’m feeling pretty decent and that is a good thing.


  1. It's great you were able to put the 5 pounds into perspective

  2. I am TRULY trying! I am - as you know - a work in progress! Jen