Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vacation–Day 1

I have to warn you that the next few days might turn into a “What I did on my summer vacation” blog.  So you might be bored!

I say day 1 – but for me, the reality is that I started letting it all hang out on Friday.  I was totally in vacation mode and slacked off food and exercise wise with a VENGANCE.

But Sunday was the day we left and traveled to our camp site.  I felt pretty relaxed and good that day.

As we always do we stopped at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge on the way down where I got some good pics:














We stopped for lunch in Seneca Falls:

IMG_5615 then headed to the campground and got set up.


We then went for a walk – I felt less anxiety and urgency then in the past about getting in “required” exercise.

Day 1 was a victory of sorts in that respect.  It wouldn’t last though…

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