Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Terrible Tuesdays….

The last couple Tuesdays have not been my friend.  While camping, I had decided that Tuesday would be a day to just hang out by the campground. 
The weather was calling for possible strong thunderstorms in the afternoon and it was supposed to be oppressively hot and humid, so I thought we could just hang by the water and swim and play.
But, and this is SO SAD – I just cannot chill out it seems like.  You would think that I could just enjoy the day, but no!  I was all up in my head about how much I was eating and that I wasn’t running – it was PATHETIC, really.
And then Marc and I got into a minor argument and I was ready to just pack up and go home.
And then today I stepped on the scale and was HORRIFIED at the number.  Yes, my friends, I am a total maintenance FAILURE at this point.  It read 126.0. 
So we had decided to go to a local park and hike and swim.  We headed there and it was a great day – except every time there was silence I was thinking about that scale number like it was the end of the universe.  And then I would tell myself to stop with being a drama queen and then the argument would go on….
Then we get home to find that our mifi card – the only way to access the internet here in the rural area we are in is dead.  So, we have no internet access.
Tuesdays – they SUCK.

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