Friday, July 11, 2014

Thin and fit and healthy…

No, I’m not talking about me!  I’m talking about my wonderful boy, Chakotay!

He turned 5 years old while we were on vacation. 


When I fit started to work on his weight, his measurements were 37 around the chest.  I measured today and it was down to 34.5.  That’s quite a bit!

And as I was looking at him, I was noticing how healthy his coat looked. 


What do you think – pretty good, right?

I think he has a ways to go, and of course, my vacation is nearing an end, so it won’t be possible for me to walk with him the miles that I have been covering like when we were camping and this week that I had off.

But I think that now that I’ve got him in a pretty good routine hopefully we can keep the weight off – off of him and off of me!

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