Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thanks Shaun T!

I have done a few of Shaun T's Insanity DVD'S as well as some of his T 25 DVD'S.  Marc has done a lot of them multiple times and really enjoys those workouts, but I'm not a huge fan of his style.  So I'm actually offering thanks to him for a totally weird reason...

For being totally neurotic like me!!

I've told you guys that I never watch those weight loss shows like The Biggest Loser, because I think that those shows often show unrealistic and sometimes harmful approaches to weight loss.  So when that new show called My Diet is Better Than Yours came out I paid little attention.

I didn't realize that Shaun T was even involved in that show but I happened to see an interview with him yesterday and stopped to read it.  In the interview Shaun talked about how he ran a 5K every morning during filming because the camera "adds 10 pounds" and that he hates seeing himself on film if he hasn't worked out - he starts picking apart the parts of him that "need work".

SERIOUSLY??!!  I mean this guy is in AMAZING shape and looks beyond incredible!  And he worries about how he looks?  It seems utterly ridiculous!  I was kind of shocked that someone like him would have those insecurities!

If someone like that feels insecure, maybe it's not so crazy that I get insecure!

Maybe it's just something that certain of us deal with - questioning ourselves, doubting, always wanting better.  As I took the dogs out for a run and was contemplating this, I asked myself what it would take for me to be totally satisfied.

If I got back to 120 pounds and started running 7:30 minute miles would I be thrilled?  Yes, I guess, but I also would look at the extra skin on my thighs and arms and be disgusted.

So if there is no magical place where I'm going to suddenly be 100% satisfied?  Then maybe I should accept that.  Wanting more, wanting different is totally OK and I'll be working towards a better me.  But realizing it is a never ending process means that there is no end game!

So if there is no end game, it means this whole thing is a journey, not a destination.  Am I making any sense here?

  So thanks Shaun, and P.S. you look freaking fabulous!

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