Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shake it, shake it!

There are many runners that run for the pure joy of running.  I've talked to people like this and I've noticed that those type of runners often don't listen to anything when they run. They say they love to be immersed in the whole experience of running and listening to their own breathing and steps and paying attention to the people around them.

I'm most decidedly NOT one of these runners.  I need the distraction of music in my ears - and occasionally an audio book - to pass the time.

Sometimes I need it more than others!  We had a few days of heavy snow and since then it's been cold.  Which means all around where I work the sidewalks are hard packed with snow and uneven ice.  Running on that is treacherous.

But yesterday the sun finally came out and while it was not warm enough to melt the ice, I really wanted to run outside and get some fresh air and sunshine into me!

I looked across the street and saw the large parking lot that was mostly clear of snow - so this parking lot became a makeshift outdoor track for me.

And so I ran around and around and around in circles.  It felt good to be outside and running, but it certainly couldn't be described as exciting!!

So the music was MUCH needed!!

I have an extremely varied playlist which includes some songs that I would NEVER listen in the "real world" but they are awesome to run to.

About 45 minutes in, I was getting a little fatigued - both mentally and physically - when Meghan Trainor's "All about That Bass" came on and it was a kick in the ass - hehe get it?  But seriously - as Meghan told me that she was bringing booty back and I could go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that - it totally perked me up - so much that I re-played it when it got to the end.

There are definitely songs that I love when they come up giving me extra motivation!  Some are dancey type tunes like Elli King's "Ex's and Oh's".  Some are inspirational like Imagine Dragons "Warriors" which makes me feel like I am indeed a powerful warrior while I am running.  And then there's some growly fun like Volbeat's "Lola Montez".  Or when Florence and the Machine tells me to "run fast" for my mother and father, I try 😁

What are some of your favorite tunes to run to??

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