Friday, January 22, 2016

Howdy stranger!

Someone who has been long absent from my life has recently made an appearance.

Now, she hasn’t been back around long and sometimes she still is just suddenly missing, but it has been nice to see her around again!

Her name is Self-Control Jen.  She fights on the side of Thin Jen.  But for months, Thin Jen has been battling on her own, and she has been losing BADLY.  She is battered and bruised and came very close to throwing up her hands and giving up – letting Fat Jen win forever and ever.

But Thin Jen decided to give it another try.  She did so without a ton of hope, but when 2016 hit the books she took a deep breath and waded into the battle once again.

One day she looked back and there she was - Self-Control Jen.  But Thin Jen was afraid to believe that she would stick around. 

3 weeks later, she is still here, more days than not.  When Fat Jen was bound and determined to start pounding down some peanut butter after work this week, Self-Control Jen forcibly shut the cubboard door.

Self-Control Jen and Thin Jen made a HELL of a TEAM for a couple years.  They were so powerful that they drove Fat Jen almost into the ground.  But they got cocky – they thought Fitness Jen could do it on her own and they wouldn’t have to worry.

They were OH. SO. WRONG.  Before anyone knew what happened, Fat Jen was firmly back in power and showed no signs of slowing down. 

So here’s hoping that Self-Control Jen isn’t just here for January!  Because we really, really need her!!  Not 24/7 but we deperately need her to be around most of the time.


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