Sunday, January 31, 2016

Goodbye January!

I think January is the absolutely worst month of the year!  I hate it! 

But, once again, we’ve made it through.  Last year, January was extra terrible due to the absolutely miserably cold and snowy season. 

This year, mother nature was decidedly more kind, and I hope as January leaves we will start to improve even more!

So where do you stand after completing the first month of 2016?  For me, it’s a mixed bag…

Eating wise, I was able to get back on track some.  In fact, I was doing pretty dang well for the first 3 weeks.  And then this Friday hit and I fell off badly.  After getting home from work and all day yesterday, I ate and ate and ate like there was no tomorrow.  It was horrible.

And as I saw all of January’s hard work being demolished, I kept at it anyway.  So I’m getting back on track today and will start fresh tomorrow.

But it’s hard.  So fucking hard.  I keep waiting for this magical moment when it becomes easy.  Oh, that’s right, when I turn 70 and will eat whatever I want and get fat again without shame!  We all need goals, right?  Smile

But, putting together multiple days at a time is better than I’ve done in way too long.  So that gives me hope.

I’m doing well on the exercise train.  I thought that I was badly off track with running.  But after my 9 mile run this morning, I checked my stats.

In January I ran 112 miles.  Between the bike trainer and the exercise bike, I went 76 miles.  I walked 18 miles and did 28 miles on the elliptical.  So I feel good about where I’m at there. 

So January has consisted of good and bad.  I just wish I could see some results in the mirror!

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