Saturday, January 9, 2016

Entering the fantasy realm...

OK, I think of myself as a pretty rational, pragmatic person.  I don't gamble because the odds are so stacked against winning.  And that's especially true of Powerball.

But we're talking $900 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS.

Can you even imagine???  I can't conceive of having a fraction of that amount of money!!

C'mon some of you out there bought at least 1 ticket, right?

Did you spend some time today thinking of what life would be like if you were to win the grand prize?

What would you tell your boss come Monday morning?  What charities would you give to?  How would you change the fortunes of people you love?

Would a personal trainer or chef enter your life?  Would you immediately move to a new house?

The odds are astronomical!  But I've spent $2 on stupider shit before.  So it was fun to envision living the life of an obscenely rich person today!

1 comment:

  1. Yep, ya can't win if ya don't play - statistics mean nothing if a ticket isn't purchase...we'll be buying a
    Some too. I'd get land...rescue everything and pay the right staff to help my family and i can also travel and see the country. I'd stay at work until i was confident my replacement would be ok...and i might want to pay back my salary (i work at a very small law firm with very generous partners).