Saturday, January 2, 2016

Stupidity free zone!

Trust me guys – I KNOW the desire to find a quick fix!  The desperate search for something that lets you lose tons of weight through minimal effort and work. 

I lived on that planet for MANY years – hoping that one day I would find (insert angelic music here) THE ANSWER.  And suddenly I would become fit and beautiful and would skip through daisies everywhere I went. 


If you are new to attempting to lose weight and/or if you’ve tried many times and haven’t been successful, you might be tempted to try outrageous suggestions to lose weight.

The reality is there is NO. QUICK. FIX.

Say it with me now – THERE IS NO QUICK FIX.

So promise me that you won’t try any of these stupid and at times dangerous fad diets that always pop up - especially around this time of year.

The latest one I saw was the cinnamon and honey diet.  Where you have honey and cinnamon in the morning (which is apparently supposed to suppress your appetite all day) and then have another dose before bed and… TADA!  Before you know it you are skinny as a supermodel.


If that were true, every doctor in every country on EARTH would prescribe the honey diet and fat people would disappear from every where!!

The killer with these fad diets of course is that you can find some success for a short time with them.  When you go on the “cabbage soup only” diet you’re going to poop like crazy and drop some initial poundage.

And if you drink ONLY shakes at 150 calories for breakfast and lunch and then eat a “sensible dinner” – of course you are going to lose weight. 

Until, that is, you go stark raving mad and begin stabbing people in the neck until you eat enough pizza to choke a horse!!

The only way to lasting weight loss is to make a complete lifestyle change.  Which means that your diet has to be sustainable in the long run. 

Eating more fruits and veggies, eliminating soda and processed foods, increasing lean meats and dumping fatty ones, beginning an exercise routine that you can stick with.

That’s the way to reach your goals.

No one here is stupid, right?  Deep down inside you KNOW these fads won’t work.  I knew they wouldn’t work.  But I wanted SO BADLY to believe them – to have a new life for myself.

But I worked for it.  It was hard and exhausting – it still is at times – it was also worth it.

And if you need support and assistance, well there are lots of programs out there that encourage healthy choices and give meal suggestions.  I haven’t been on myfitnesspal in AGES.  But when I first started?  I was on there constantly!

I had no idea what a healthy meal truly looked like and I sought guidance there. 

There are also programs now that give you color coded containers that you fill the different colors with different types of food.  That’s not a fad diet, that teaches you what healthy, normal portions look like.

So stay away from these stupid “lose weight FAST” schemes.  Instead, employ patience and enlist support in order to make it happen!  

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