Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It's Tuesday night.  At the end of April, 2015.  A pretty ordinary spring day in my life.

I woke up this morning to my alarm having slept well.  I showered while Marc cooked us eggs.  I watched the news and saw horrible things happening in Baltimore.  I learned that the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments about gay marriage - and the decisions made will effect so many people personally and will also determine the direction of this country in a lot of ways.

Off to work.  A busy but ordinary busy day.  Meetings with clients, paperwork, phone calls.  Consults and meetings with co-workers but fortunately no major crisis.  During lunch I ran a few miles in the sunny, windy and relatively warm conditions.  I thought about the upcoming half marathon and my desire to do well.

When work ended I headed home and prepared dinner - a new recipe I found.  Marc and I took the dogs on a 4 mile walk.  As we walked I reflected that it's been 5 years since I started my life change.  Percentage wise not that much of my life - and yet - I barely remember the fat girl I used to be.  She is starting to fade in my memory.

I came home and threw the chicken I had prepared in the oven.  I got on the computer and read an article how it is basically impossible for people to lose 30% of their bodyweight.  The article encouraged people to set realistic goals.  And I smirked at the screen.


Pretty tasty!  A PILE of kale = 90 calories.

I cut the dogs nails, did some stretching and foam rolling and hooked myself up to the electrical stimulation unit.  My Achilles is doing pretty well, but I have ramped up the mileage dramatically and am feeling it.

Then to watch TV and relax.

A very routine day.  One that many wold find pretty boring.  And it likely would have been the same day if I weighed 10 pounds less.

I am starting to accept this.  Naturally thin is not in my cards.  And fighting to keep my weight down every minute of every day?  It has been exhausting.  If days like this are a staple in my life - I think I'm pretty fortunate.

Or am I just making excuses to justify how heavy I have gotten?

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