Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I guess I’ll take it…

Not like I exactly have a choice…

I had just gotten home from work today and heard the tranquil melody I have for my ring tone begin playing. 

I looked at the unfamiliar number and then realized that it was coming from the exchange used where the doctor’s office is located.  I had my blood drawn last Friday and knew that this was what it was about.

I reluctantly pressed the button and the perky nurse asked for me and then identified herself.  “The doctor has reviewed your lab work and everything looks good, there is no need for a statin medication and we’ll see you again in a year!  Okay?” 

I absorbed this for a minute, breathed a sigh of relief and then asked her if she would mail a copy of the lab work to me.  She sounded somewhat perplexed and distressed by this request.  Why are doctor’s offices SO RELUCTANT to allow patients access to their own medical records??!!

But I digress.

She agreed to send it, but I asked her if she minded reading the cholesterol results for me.  She said that my overall cholesterol was 235 and my HDL (good cholesterol) is 72 and my LDL was – and then she mumbled.  I think it is either 139 or 149.  YIKES!

Either way that is HIGH.  Especially for someone like me who is eating really well most of the time.  GRRRR….

BUT the HDL is extremely high and that ratio must by what caused him to not recommend a medication – and I know he STRONGLY recommends statins for those at high risk, because he basically told me that at the appointment.

So, I’m a little discouraged about the numbers.  I’ll see the exact number when the copy gets here. 

But I truly don’t know how more I can do.  I could eat PERFECTLY and I doubt it would lower that number by much.  Fucking genetics!

If and when I lose some weight, that will help.  And I am now – upon the doc’s urging – taking a baby aspirin every day.  From what I read, that helps.  Not a lot but it helps.

But for another year, at least, I get to breath a sigh of relief and move forward. 

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