Sunday, April 19, 2015

It’s been 3 years…

Yesterday marked the 3 year anniversary of having my skin removed all the way around.  It was an amazing life changing event.  The weight loss, of course, it was really made my life what it is today.  But carrying around the huge draping loose skin was absolutely terrible – not just cosmetically, but functionally as well.

For those of you that have read this blog, you’ll know that I, in general, heal fast, but scar deeply and that was seen right after the surgery.  But as you’ll see in the pics – the scars have faded quite remarkably.

So that’s the cosmetic portion.  As far as anything else?  Rapping on wood here – there are no side effects from the surgery except a small amount of tightness where I was pulled together in the front.  That doesn’t effect me at all on a daily basis, but doing extreme backbends in yoga?  I either can’t do them or feel it in the extreme.  Big fat hairy deal, right?

I have also read where some people experience side effects from the ab repair, but again, I have no issues there.

So I want to show you the pics, but I would ask you guys to remember that this is a little embarrassing for me – these are unaltered, so you will see my gross stretch marks and my obvious weight gain in full glory – don’t be too cruel, please!!!



This looks the worst of it all to me.  Having said that, even with a small bikini, I think you would have to be looking for the scar to realize that is was there.  The belly button is bizarre looking, but from a distance I don’t think it is too bad.





If you remember, this was a very nasty scar.  I had to sit and lay on my butt/back, so it took a LONG time to heal after the surgery.  But wow, this really faded!

Other side:


Even where that drain was – it looks pretty good.

And then – I just wanted to show how well the lasering of my birthmark worked! 


I think one more treatment would have completely eliminated the port wine color, but since he did it for free – I’m pretty happy!

And finally, just because Marc had his camera out – my tattoo guy did the touch up portion of my tattoo on Friday, and I really like how colorful it turned out!


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