Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm no angel...

Have you guys heard about Lane Bryant's I'm no angel campaign?   Here's one of dozens of articles about it...

The campaign is an obvious swipe at Victoria's Secret and their impossibly thin and gorgeous models - and Victoria Secret's not so subtle attempt to promote them as the ideal that all women should be aspiring to.

I'm all for promoting acceptance of women - all shapes and sizes.  But here's my issue - Lane Bryant has turned this purely into a fat versus thin issue rather then truly attempting to show that women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

Why do I say that?  Because look at the Lane Bryant models.  They are all young, pretty, heavy women.

Where are the old women with saggy boobs and skin?  Where are the extremely athletic women?  Where are the shapeless, small boobied women?  How about the large muscular women?  How about the soccer mom with a big butt and thin waist?

There is a black woman - one - but where is the Asian?  The Hispanic beauty?  How about the American Indian oe the woman of middle eastern descent?

I am guessing Lane Bryant is still trying to sell clothes and maybe that's their agenda - letting the heavier women out there know that they can still be beautiful.

And that's okay.  But turning this into a simple fat versus thin - but both young and beautiful?  I think it misses an opportunity for is to have a real conversation about how women are viewed and treated...

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  1. I so agree Jen! It's still all about selling the clothes, whether they're tiny or larger sizes. It's not like Lane Bryant hasn't always used larger, but still impossibly beautiful, young women to sell their stuff. The whole focus of this campaign is "us vs. them" instead of opening a real dialogue. I'm sure you won't be seeing my loose skin and stretch marks in either of their campaigns any time soon!! LOL!