Friday, April 18, 2014

Two years POST OP.....

Today marks 2 years since I had surgery to remove my excess skin.  I seriously can't believe that it's been 2 years!

So I thought that I'd show some pics!

As you can see, my thighs are HORRIBLE, but the abdomen looks not too bad.

Abdomen close up - stretch marks and funky belly button clear!!

A view of the back - you can see there is still some loose skin - it's impossible to pull both the back and the front completely tight in one surgery. 

Now for some close ups of the scarring.  As some of you might remember, I heal quickly but scar BADLY.  I'm pretty happy with the fade level and he did do several laser treatment to lessen the scarring which I'm sure helped!

Not too bad as far as how the scars have faded in 2 years, right?

How about any issues post removal?  Well there is about a 2 inch "patch" from the belly button down to the incision - almost in a perfect square - where there is no feeling from the skin.  All the rest of the feeling has come back, but I'm sure this never will.  It's definitely weird as Marc will be rubbing my stomach and then all of a sudden there's like nothing.  Freaky.

When the surgery was first done the skin was very tight and I couldn't stand upright.  The skin stretched out pretty quickly.  I have almost no issues with that now, although on on yoga tapes there is a common yoga position called wheel - here is a pic of someone doing it:

When I do this position, I can't get up as high and I can really feel where it almost feels like the skin is going to rip!  It's not painful, but it is really, really tight.  But in my every day life, I don't notice it.

So, yeah - absolutely zero regrets about having this surgery done - it was life changing.  

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  1. You look fantastic,your scars have really lighted up.You should be super happy with it.
    As for the skin thing I have it also on my legs and arms and unlike you my weight loss was much less BUT age has taken the elasticity.But am still happy with mine.