Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How about some quick updates?

The experiment?  Well, it's too soon to tell, really.  I feel better and that's a good thing - but I don't know that I can give 100% credit to eating more.  But I ate a lot of really bad things and a lot of food period on Easter Sunday.  And the scale went crazy the next day.  But a shocking and pleasant surprise this morning - 119.8!  So that makes me very excited.  If I can maintain this weight while eating more?  That's like a beautifully gift wrapped present!!

Baby chicks?  They are doing great!  All of them are thriving in the space in the basement - running around eating and practicing chicken behavior!  They are almost fully feathered - I can't believe how fast they grow!!!

Chakotay?  Well, he still is my chunky boy.  But we have been getting him outside to exercise more and I measured last night and he has lost 1 inch in his waist and 1/2 inch in his chest since I measured 2 weeks ago - that's not too shabby!

Marc and I?  Well, I am in need of a reprieve and we are getting it this weekend.  We'll be heading out to stay with his niece and her boyfriend over the weekend.  I am so incredibly excited about this trip even though it's only downstate.  But I am burned out with work and desperate to break out of a routine.

So all in all, things are pretty good in my world!  We're heading into May and that should usher in some long warm days - I cannot wait!

The biggest news of the day is that RUNKEEPER published a story about me!  You can read it here:

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