Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seeking a reboot!

It's funny.  It's been a good week.  And I am mostly out of my funk.  But yet I feel... I don't know - stuck in a rut?  It's almost like I'm thinking "Ok, this is nice but....what's next?"

Some of this, I'm sure is that the winter doldrums continue.  I mean, I was able to get outside and run, so yay!  But between melting snow and the rain we had, the ground is soaked.  And it was BITING cold today with 34 degree temps BUT 30 MPH winds.  So not exactly the type of weather to get out and start picking up the yard, right?

Maintenance is a funny thing.  I feel like I am as obsessed with food and what I eat as much as - if not more - then when I was actively losing.  And it's old.  Just old.  Not in a poor me type way, just in a this is getting PATHETIC type way.

So, I'm trying to shake things up a bit.  Marc and I didn't work out this morning.  We went out.  For BRUNCH.  What's the big deal about that you ask?  Nothing.  Except we almost NEVER stray from our routine.

So after brunch we stopped at a couple of stores and then it was 12:45 and we were looking at each other like - it's only 12:45 - what the hell do we do now?

So the dogs got a bath and their beds are washed and the house is mostly clean and the chicks are in good shape.  And I'm like - MEH...big fat hairy deal.

So I hope this weekend will reboot and re-energize me. 

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