Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Losing your way...

As we close the door on yet another month of 2014, I am wondering how many of you out there have lost your way?  

Remember January?  Remember that this was going to be your year?  What promises did you make to yourself?  Have you lost those?

I hear you.  This was the worst spring that I can remember in a long time.  I struggled longer and harder - both mentally and physically - then I have - well, probably EVER.  

But what I didn't do was give up.  There were days when I threw up my hands and I was certain that I couldn't continue.  But I hung in there and here I am coming out the other end.  

After this weekend spent with Marc's niece and her boyfriend, I feel refreshed and loved and grateful.  I didn't walk in their door and hear them say "Geez, Jen, you look about 3 pounds fatter then the last time we saw each other!"  No, of course not!  Who would say that to me?  Only myself.

So tomorrow is May 1st.  According to my "records" I weighed in at 120.2 on April 1st, while I was struggling but hadn't begun the big "experiment".  So I'm anxious to see what the scale tells me tomorrow.  

May for me is such a hopeful month.  The lilacs bloom, flowers starts to appear, and the sun stays out well into the evening.

What hopes and dreams do you have for May?  If you lost your way let's get back on track!!  It's warming up - get out and take a walk - no excuses!!  Start your veggie garden - small or big - start one!  The stores will have healthy food in spades starting now - go buy some!!

Balance your checkbook and keep to your budget.  Being in control in one part of your life will make you feel in control of the rest.  Throw out your cigarettes!  You don't need to keep poisoning yourself!  Scratch off tickets are NOT a retirement plan!  Each time you think about buying a $2 ticket, instead put that cash in a jar and at the end of May, buy yourself something cool for staying on plan.

Surround yourself with positive people.  If you are hearing negative things from others, cut them out or at least minimize their presence in your life!

You deserve to feel great.  Now let's make MAY 2014 the best month you can remember!!

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