Friday, November 2, 2012

8 weeks....

I can't believe we are already into November!  Crazy, huh?  Where did summer, let alone fall go? 

With Halloween over, I'm already hearing people ask about how to prepare for the holiday season.  As I count it, we have about 8 weeks left to the end of the year.  What do you want to accomplish in the next 8 weeks?  What are your goals?

This is NOT the time to say to hell with it.  Now is a great time to have good habits.  Like I always say - PLANNING is key.

Let's take for example Xmas shopping.  You are going to be going out Xmas shopping.  Stop and think for a minute - will you be eating lunch or dinner out?  If so, know WHERE you are going to eat and WHAT you plan to have BEFORE you leave the house.  I never go to a restaurant without knowing what their menu consists of and what is healthy to eat.  If you are eating at a chain restaurant, it is easy.  Simply google the restarant's name and nutrition.  Almost all of them have menus and calorie counts of items.  You will be shocked at the calorie counts of some things - even the salads. 

Take for example Applebees.  Grilled shrimp and spinach salad sounds extremely healthy.  It actually has 960 calories!!!  Even without the dressing you are looking at 630 calories.  So drop the dressing that comes with it and get a fat free dressing served on the side.  OR, better yet, look at their low calorie section - you can get a whole dinner of  grilled dijon chicken with mushrooms and sides for 470 calories!!  Don't rely on assumptions, rely on facts! 

Eat a good and hearty breakfast before heading out the door.  This will keep you from being starving and over-eating.

Even though Xmas is 2 months away, parties and potlucks will be starting soon.  We'll talk more about that as Xmas gets closer.  If you plan, you can be successful.  This is not just a matter of willpower, it is a matter of determination and planning.  

Keep exercising - this time of year can be hard.  I ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill last night as it was cold and rainy all day yesterday.  I didn't want to, but once I was done, I was SO glad that I had burned those calories.  It feels good to be in CONTROL of myself.  

Practice good habits NOW and think about how you will look when you see those relatives at Xmas.  In 8 weeks, most people can lose a good 10 pounds or more depending on what your weight is right now.  

Finally, remember that you have a life.  You are not going to be perfect.  Walk that fine line between giving yourself a break and giving yourself permission to throw everything out the window.  It's not easy, but if it WERE easy, everyone would be skinny!

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