Friday, November 16, 2012

Life as a series of choices...

And so it begins.  The craziness that is the holiday season is starting to decend on us.  I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  I lost a week somewhere in there!  I already have a huge list of things that have to be done this weekend.  When  I start getting a long list, I start to get anxiety.  I don't know why - I always manage to get things done, but I hate having a list hanging over my head.

This is also the season when eating right and exercising does not come easy.  But life is a series of choices.  What is your plan and what are your goals?  You DON'T have to be perfect this holiday season.  In fact, you WON'T be.  But, as the sign says above, you can make a healthy choice and then another.

The tendency right now is to say screw it and just wait for January 1 to make a resolution and start fresh.  Don't do that!  Now is a perfect time to get in a head start.  Today is Friday.  What choices are you making today?  Have you eaten a healthy breakfast?  Are you going to exercise today?  What can you accomplish today?

I remember back in July when I hit 119 and I was so excited.  Now 119 is the bane of my existance.  I have been stuck there all week.  I really want a buffer, especially going into next week. It is frustrating when your body doesn't cooperate.  On the other hand, in the grand scheme of things, a couple of pounds is just that - it's an arbitrary number.  

I WILL eat right today.  I WILL exercise.  I will make choices that lead me to my goals!  I will do this today.  How about you?

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