Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My fit dogs...

I thought some of you would enjoy seeing this video that Marc recorded.

Our dogs love to run.  Being Boxers, they are very high energy.  In the winter it's sometimes hard to get them adequate amount of exercise.  Especially since when I arrive home it's dark out.

It didn't take them any time at all to learn to run on the treadmill and - as you will see in the video - they like it so much we don't even have to tell them to get on!

Yesterday I didn't run outside at lunch because there was snow on the sidewalks and I am so afraid of falling and hurting myself.  So I ran on the treadmill when I got home.  Boy, their noses were really out of joint that I had the NERVE to run on "their" treadmill!!

So see, not only are we changing our fitness, but the dogs are getting fit, too!!