Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

I haven't talked on here much about politics.  Even though I have very strong feelings and opinions about politics and the world, that isn't the purpose or scope of this blog, so I've kind of stayed away from discussing these type issues.

But today is election day, and I can't let it go by without saying something.  As someone who works for New York State, I get today off to exercise my right to vote.  We will be leaving in a few minutes and will take Marc's elderly father over to vote as well.  I jokingly told him he doesn't get a ride unless he's voting for Obama!

I remember voting 4 years ago, because it was so historical.  I wore my Barack Obama t-shirt that I got for donating to the campaign to the voting place.  It was a size 3X.  4 years sounds like a long time, but it is just a drop in the proverbial bucket.  My life is SO different today then it was 4 years ago!

Days like this give us reason to reflect.  Where do you want to be 4 years from now?  On Election Day 2016, will you remember reading this blog and saying I COMMIT NOW - to whatever goal you want to attain?  

Do it people!  And don't forget to vote today!  It sounds trite, but there are people  in this word that literally risk their lives for this privilege!


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  2. Quite the change in size! I'm sure it feels great to be so much smaller. I won't comment on the politics, but I think you could use a 3x as a parachute these days :)

    1. I used to buy dresses from Roaman's in size 34W. It is quite a difference!!