Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who says you HAVE to?

After being spoiled rotten this weekend with temperatures in the 60's, it is back to reality today.  Temperatures dropped like a rock here overnight.  It is in the high 30's today, cloudy and was spitting snow earlier.  UG!

So I sat here this morning in my toasty warm office and drank some nice dark roast coffee and went back and forth in my mind about running during my lunch hour.  Not only did I not want to run outside in the cold, but I found that I absolutely did not want to exercise at lunch at all.  Even the thought of doing a DVD in the spare room I use sounded like to much to bear.  I wanted to sit on my rear and read a magazine.  So the old me sat on one shoulder trying to tell me that it was okay to skip working out, and the new me sat on the other shoulder and insisted that I do something. 

Which got me to thinking - either do this or don't - make your choice.  As Gandhi said - in the grand scheme of things, it is totally insignificant.,  It is insignificant whether I exercise today.  It is also insignificant what I weigh.  We are all just blips on the screen of life.  

But because we are blips, that's what makes us so important.  It is the reason we need to make the most out of the life we have.  So we can either make the life that we want, or let life pass us by - not being happy, not making the most out of our tiny lives.  

Make your choice - it's up to you.  Eat the candy bar or don't.  Go for that walk today or don't.  Nobody is forcing you to do anything.  You life is in your hands.

Me?  I ran.  6 miles.         

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