Sunday, November 25, 2012

The next 30 days.

Ok, everyone!  Thanksgiving is over and my calendar says that it is November 25th.  That means 30 days until Xmas.  Tis the season - of cookies, brownies and every other temptation known to us!  What's your plan between now and then?  How do you want to end the year?

I know what some of you are thinking.  You ate too much Thanksgiving Day.  Then you ate too many leftovers on Friday and maybe even Saturday.  So this is what you're thinking - "Aw!  I screwed up so bad!  It's hopeless.  I might as well eat whatever I want between now and Xmas and start fresh in the New Year."  

NO NO NO NO NO!  You have 30 days!  Don't undo any good you have done by giving up and giving in!  TODAY is your fresh start.  Maybe you won't lose 10 pounds between now and Xmas, but you can certainly lose some or even maintain.

I told you all that I STUFFED myself on Thanksgiving Day.  I was up 6 pounds according to the scale on Friday.  But guess what?  Today I'm at 118 - almost back to where I was Thursday morning!  One or 2 days of bad eating does not give you permission to throw it all away.

At least plan to maintain.  If you need to indulge some, go ahead, it's the holiday season.  But don't throw caution to wind.  And keep up an exercise routine.  Get organized and make goals so you don't get stressed out or overwhelmed - we'll talk more about that tomorrow....

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