Sunday, March 29, 2015

On top of the world…

Ok, not really, but I’m holding my own.  I ran outside today.  It is still fricking COLD here.  But the sun was shining brightly.

Marc asked me if I was really going out in the cold and I told him I just couldn’t bear the thought of doing a long run on the treadmill today.  He told me not to run then – do something else, he suggested.  I asked him if he has noticed how incredibly fat I am getting again.  Which pissed him off.

I headed out and straight into the wind.  So the mental negotiations began.  Only 6! I told me.  6 became 8.  Around mile 7 the song “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons came on.  And I listened to these lyrics:

“I’ve tried to cut these corners
Try to take the easy way out
I kept on falling short of something

I coulda gave up then but
Then again I couldn’t have ’cause
I’ve traveled all this way for something”

And I told me that I have traveled all this way for something.

I ended here:


Which isn’t very long.  Or very fast.  But considering this is the longest run I’ve done outside since DECEMBER?  I’m taking it.

I’ve eaten well all weekend.  Marc and I did a yoga last night and I really pushed myself.  Many downward dog poses gave me the opportunity to stare at the new and improved “Defy Gravity” that is displayed on my foot.

This week I go to see a new doctor for my annual checkup.  I am prepared to be scolded for my weight.  It will hurt.

I am also prepared to start April right!!

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