Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fast food flashback

You guys know that one of the first things I gave up at the beginning of this major life change was soda.  I drank a lot of soda, specifically Mountain Dew.


I also gave up fast food like burgers and fries.  I know my last soda was in May 2010.  I don't know when my last serving of fried French fries was, but it had to be around the same time.

Before that I was pretty much a Wendy's gal.  I even worked for Wendy's at our local mall the summer before I started college.  It was awesome because it came with a wonderful employee discount - SCORE!


Last Sunday, Marc and I got new cell phones.  We were in the mall and it takes a while to do all the paperwork, and I got really thirsty.  The thought popped in my head that Wendy's was right next to the cell phone place, I should just run over and get one of their huge cups of Mountain Dew.

Um....WHAT?  It was such an unexpected and out of nowhere thought.  I mean almost 5 years later that would come into my mind was baffling.

The phrase is "old habits die hard" and that is for sure!  I wasn't bothered by the thought, even Fat Jen made no attempt to convince us.  It was just striking the way the past creeps up on us, and I can certainly see how it would be so easy to get sucked back in to unhealthy behaviors if your guard isn't up!!!

I think that this is especially true when you are weakened – by sickness (like I was), stress, fatigue – any of these can make us vulnerable.  Just another reason to stay healthy!


  1. omg! i soooo know what you mean!! i've been maintaining an 80lb loss going on 5 years - and in that time i became incredibly fit (though you probably still run faster than me?! ...i'd love to run with you - you'd be a good race opponent lol, but i digress...)

    i quit smoking cold turkey after 12 years of heavy smoking about 3 years ago....i recently left my husband and am slowly rebuilding my life - fitness and diet have been on side no problem - in fact i've been maintaining 123 - 126 (10lbs lower than last year at that same time - crazy calorie counting too) with ease since sept. and i've stopped all tracking!

    anyways - a couple weeks ago i had a couple puffs...and then...i bought a couple packs....and i'd throw out half or more....and then i'd buy more....after nearly 2 weeks of periodic smoking i STOPPED last friday before the habit itself came back...i work from home alone, i'm single, smoking is a good 'companion' right? UGH! i'm not touching that shit AGAIN!! all it will take is for one more and i'll be smoking again, which will eventually lead to me losing fitness (my breathing and throat could feel the effects immediately), and then stopping activity and then...well....why not just start eating like crap again, right?!

    the only solution i see is to be in the here and the now and make the best choice each time. i agree though, when we're feeling weak for whatever reason - being healthy is SOOO important as it's leverage to get through said tough situation.

    we can do this Jen! why? because we ARE! :)

    1. STEP AWAY FROM THE CIGARETTES!!!! Seriously, I'm so glad I never started because I have SUCH an addictive personality!

      Congrats on your loss and maintaining!! Sounds like you are doing a better job than I am in that department. You will do AWESOME in starting this new journey and new life.

      And please, get your ass up to Northern NY so we can run together!!