Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday, crappy Monday

You guys know what a pathetic drama queen I am.  But one thing that I am NOT overly dramatic about – and never have been – is my health.  I don’t get worked up over colds.  I rarely take ibuprofen or other OTC’s.  I go to the doctor’s when I have to and I don’t run there all the time looking for meds.

So after my visit to Urgent Care on Saturday, I woke up Sunday feeling pretty good.  My stomach was still off,  but the pain was lessened.  I got in a good morning workout – 27.5 miles on the exercise bike.  And then I ate lunch which didn’t upset my stomach.  I was sure the tide had turned.

We ran some errands which included delivering some very disgusting body fluids, per doctor’s orders, to the local lab.  Then we got home and my stomach started bothering me.

I ate dinner which was a HUGE mistake.  Starting at about 8PM last night it felt like there were a dozen very tiny, but angry men, using pick-axes to try to cut their way out of my stomach.

By 4:15 AM, I was sitting on the toilet for about the 12th time that night, quite certain that I was losing all internal organs and might die because of the pain.

When my alarm went off to get up for work, Marc looked over and asked how I was.  I admitted I didn’t know how I was going to work with the pain I was is, plus running to the bathroom frequently.  Marc reminded me – in his gentle way – that the doctor at Urgent Care had directed me to go to the Emergency Room today if I was not better.

I reluctantly agreed.

We arrived at about 7:15 AM.  I had blood drawn, an IV inserted and was handed a cup to give a urine sample.  The doctor pushed and prodded, but there was no acute pain when he did that.  Over the course of an hour I was directed to drink 2 cups full of disgusting fluids.  And we waited…and waited…

Every time I had to take a bathroom trip I had to be disconnected from the IV.

Then it was off for a CT Scan.  I was injected with contrast and another scan.  And then we waited…and waited and WAITED.

At 1:15 the doctor FINALLY returned with the news.  They found NOTHING.  Diagnosis?  Probable severe viral infection.  No meds – wait it out.

Now you would think that would be good news.  And I think it is, but I also feel like SUCH an idiot.  All that wasted time and all that money because I have a simple viral infection where the biggest risk is dehydration.

I am angry at myself and I feel like a big crybaby.  Come hell or high water it’s back to work tomorrow – I’ve got shit – no pun intended – to do.

And hopefully this will be my last post about my latest drama!!

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  1. It's good you were checked out. Better safe than sorry!