Monday, September 8, 2014

What’s the plan?

I have a Facebook friend who is really just an acquaintance that I met through Marc.  She is definitely in the wrong era, because she is a hippie type woman that would have fit right in in the 60's.  Some of her posts about worshipping "Mother Earth" make me laugh a little but hey - live and let live, right?

Today she posted something about trusting that the universe has a plan for her and being content to follow that plan.

Oh how I wish I had that belief system!!!  I felt really good after the long hike yesterday.  I slept well with only a slight bit of ache in the Piriformis a couple of times and woke up feeling really good.

But then I stepped on the scale and discovered the small piece of cake that I had after the run apparently contained about 20,000 calories.  I tried not to be too distraught and carried on this morning.  I headed out to run and was instantly in agony.  I powered through for 3 miles, but could not take the pain any more.

New and improved Jen curiously went into hiding about this time.  Fuck it all Jen threatened to emerge.

So I started thinking about the Facebook friend's quote.  I wish that I could believe that the injuries and weight gain and this whole road I've traveled being meant for something.  That the universe has a plan for me.  That I could just relax and believe that whatever happens, it is all part of what should be and that I may not understand it, but it is a-okay.


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