Monday, September 29, 2014

Vacation follies....

Trying to do a blog entry on the tablet is a pain!  But I wanted to get a quick post in for anyone who is interested!

We headed out early yesterday - destination southwestern Pennsylvania.  What a crappy trip down - literally.  You haven't lived until you've stood in the middle of a thru-way service station scrubbing dog crap out of your vehicle.

That and other misadventures, and I was quite ready to strangle someone.

But we arrived safely at the cabin, and quickly unpacked and headed over to the beach.  It was warm and beautiful and the dogs - who had been cooped up all day - ran swim wrestled and played like puppies!

My stress started to melt away.

Today dawned gorgeous.  When I made reservations months ago, I never a anticipated mid 70's weather.  Our planned 4-5 mile hike today ended up covering 14 miles with a leisurely picnic lunch on a outdoor table overlooking the lake.

Marc and I walked hand in hand along the Pymatuning Spillway with the dogs happily trotting between us and somehow my weight struggles seemed remote and irrelevant.  

Let's hope our good fortune and my sanity continues!!

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  1. Sounds wonderful! Relax and enjoy.
    Please post pictures when you have a chance