Saturday, September 13, 2014

I want to ride my bicycle…

I believe those were the words of the late - and amazingly great – Freddie Mercury.

I don’t have a bike to ride – yet.  Marc and I are heading down to Syracuse soon where I will visit some bike shops and may make the leap.

It’s so weird and stupid.  But in my head, it’s like I’m associating getting a bike with failure.  Like somehow getting that piece of equipment means that I am resigned to never running again.

And it doesn’t help the stupid war that goes on between bicyclists and runners.  Yes, did you know that many hard core bikers HATE runners and vice versa?

So there’s this feeling that I am switching sides.

But then there’s the rational part – the NEW JEN – that can see a bike as just another tool.  Maybe long distance running just isn’t in my future.  Or maybe it is once I heal.

Time will tell.

But FITNESS?  Being HEALTHY?  That IS my future – period. 


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  1. I run with a few triathletes and other recreational bike riders. They are always talking up their love of both sports. I think bicycling can definitely be super amazing cross training for running. Or, a fun sport all on its own. Think of how many more miles you can cover in an hour! ;) You never know, this could be an opportunity to pursue an interest and see how much you love it.