Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saving Sunday

Yesterday the plan was to bike around an area of Lake Ontario that Marc has been wanting to bike.  When we woke up, the temps were great, but the wind was incredibly strong with even stronger gusts.  I was pretty disappointed, especially after we went to a couple trails to hike and they ended up being pretty short.

Hoping to salvage today, I woke up and got on my workout clothes – including my new biking shorts with the padded ass and crotch.  Just as an aside?  Walking around with padding in your butt feels a little like you crapped yourself – just saying.

Anyway we went outside and it started raining.  Well shit.

So I came back in and went downstairs to lift weights – pouting of course.  But, after lunch, Mother Nature was merciful and cleared the skies for a while. 

While Marc got ready, I hurriedly made some healthy banana oatmeal cookies that I’ve been wanting to try since seeing the recipe.


We took off.  The wind was strong – not as strong as yesterday, but it was definitely windy.  My quads got a workout today – good thing I didn’t work my legs this morning. 

We headed into Watertown with Marc in the lead.  Marc asked me if I wanted to ride around some of the city streets and I told him I would follow wherever he led. 

So we biked through some of the streets.  Marc didn’t say this was the reason, but I am suspicious that he wanted me to practice things like stopping, turning, braking, avoiding obstacles, encountering traffic – all things that I don’t experience much on the rural roads around here.  He really worries about me!

We finished our trek around the city and took a long loop back.  The new biking shorts did a nice job of protecting my hiney.

We ended up traveling 26 miles in 2 hours.  We passed 3 runners and I felt like a traitor.  Yes, I’m an idiot as you all know.

Home, I was tired and hungry and ate the cookies guilt free.


A pretty good Sunday.  I see the ortho on Tuesday and I’m hoping for good news.  But now I’ve realized that if running long distances is not in my future – for now or forever – the world will not end…

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