Thursday, August 28, 2014

The seat of your pants life…

I have a friend, Tabatha, who I greatly admire.  She is extremely flexible and is able to go with the flow. So when something unexpected pops up, she just rolls with it.  If that means totally breaking her plans and changing mid-course, she just does it.

I am not that person.

So in my life when something unexpected happen - even something good - it gets me totally thrown off.  Such was the case with winning the concert tickets.  Marc doesn't help because he is very rigid and as set in his routine as I am.

So as we sat there in the grandstand Monday, I started experiencing anxiety.  The opening act was Big Smo.  I had never heard of him before.  He sang the same kind of music as Kid Rock - sort of redneck rap/rock.  He was actually really good but, of course, I didn't know any of his songs, so I wasn’t singing along.

He was done with his set at 8:15.  As they started breaking down his stuff and installing Kid Rock's, I started thinking about going to work the next day and all I had to do and how I would be sleep deprived.  It took them a while to set up and so by the time Kid Rock came out, and everyone else was going crazy, I was all nervous and hyped and almost ready to leave!

I then got SO pissed at myself!  Here I had won this cool prize and I wasn't able to enjoy it because of my total inflexibility!  I actually said - out loud while the music blared – you need to fucking stop!

And then the miracle happened and I did!  I turned my head off for once and leaned back and enjoyed the show!  Kid Rock is a true entertainer and - to my surprise, honestly, that boy can SING!  Not to mention he can play the instruments.  It didn't turn me into an instant fan, but it was a great time.  I actually surrendered to the experience.

I'm never going to live the rock star lifestyle.  And my nature will never change.  But I want to be more spontaneous, more flexible, because I think this is a more mentally healthy way to live.

So a great time overall.  We returned to the wrong parking lot and for a while - a long while actually - we thought that the night was going to end in disaster as we thought the SUV had been stolen.  But fortunately we are just idiots and we located Dexter in the correct lot and he got us home safe and sound.

And yes, I came to work Tuesday on about 4 hours sleep and guess what?  The world didn't end!

Oh! And this was a coincidence!  Marc and I have only been to one concert at the fair - way back in 1991 we saw Damn Yankees and Bad Company.  Of course Ted Nugent was part of Damn Yankees and sang Cat Scratch Fever during the concert.  Guess what?  During Kid Rock's concert he also sang part of that song!  Kinda weird!!


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