Friday, August 22, 2014

An arbitrary weigh in date…

September 6 is the date of my next scheduled race.  It is also when I have decided I will bite the bullet and weigh in.  I am going to avoid the scale until then - the numbers always make me feel worse and I get more dramatic.  At least the not knowing lets me have a little denial!

I've been plugging along this week.  I've run 3 times and while there is still pain, it's pain I can run through.  My times have been shit - probably caused by both the injuries and weight gain.  So my ego is bruised but I can survive that.

Eating decently - lately my weekend upping of calories has creeping into Friday, so this morning I threw a new healthy chicken recipe in the crock pot to squash any bad temptations I might have when I get home!

I'm also trying to get organized and get some projects finished as anxiety drives eating with me!  I finished a baby afghan for a pregnant friend.IMG_5857IMG_5858





So I guess I would say that for now I'm down but not out!!


  1. Be careful about "not" weighing yourself. Believe me, it is a slippery slope. As much as denial will make that little nagging voice in the back of your head becomes a little more tolerable, a once a week weigh in will help you hold yourself accountable. As much as you don't want to see that number, it will make you keep paying attention - Been There, Done That!! Just do what you can. Do you like to swim?? That burns a lot of calories. Just don't hate yourself - please. You are doing great! Really.

  2. I appreciate the advice and know you are right, but I think my choices right now is sinking into depression or denial! No place to swim but I am trying other things - but nothing burns the cals like running!

    As for hating myself? That I struggle with daily!