Friday, August 29, 2014

Breaking the rules….

I normally dread Labor Day.  No matter what the weather is like, it always marks the end of summer to me and my inevitable slide into depression as the weather gets colder and days get shorter.

But this August I feel that I've been struggling so much physically and mentally that I'm almost glad to see it go.

So I'm breaking the rules this weekend.  You know how I'm always lecturing about starting NOW and not waiting until tomorrow?  Well, fuck that.

I'm going to do whatever this weekend.  And then Tuesday?  A new start.

I'm not just solely talking about losing weight or watching what I eat.  It's going to be a new start mentally as well.  I don't HAVE TO run 4 days a week.  I don't HAVE TO win the Run for Recovery.  I don't HAVE TO lose 10 pounds.  I don't need any of things to make me a worthwhile person.

I have some changes that I would really like to make.  I would like to lose some weight and heal up and be my best.  BUT I want - first and foremost - to be HAPPY.  My friend and I were just talking about how we both define ourselves by our FAULTS rather then our strengths.

What's the deal with that?

So who else out there reading has also been struggling?  Can you - will you - join me for a new start on Tuesday?  I hope you will.  And I hope that I can maintain this resolve!!


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