Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: WENDY’S salad

When I started this journey there were a couple of things that became complete no-no's.  One of these things was fast food.  I have not had a burger or fries from a fast food joint in over 4 years.  I have only gotten coffee at McDonald's and got a salad from Wendy's 3 summers ago.  I occasionally get a salad from Subway.

But last week my lunch date canceled and I had not brought in anything for lunch.  As I walked during my lunch hour, I remembered Marc talking about Wendy's new salads and I decided to give it a shot.

As I walked into Wendy's that overpowering familiar greasy smell immediately made my stomach rumble.  And there was a huge cardboard pretzel bun staring me in the face.  Oh, glorious pretzel bun, how I wanted to try you!!!  But Thin Jen turned us towards the salads.

I ordered the Apple pecan chicken salad.  This come with pomegranate salad dressing, but, as you know, I don't eat salad dressing so without it, the salad comes in at a sweet 340 calories.

I got it to go and opened it once I was back at my desk.  The first thing I noticed was the generous size, complete with what appeared to be a lot of chicken.


The pecans came in a small separate baggie which I opened and dumped over the salad.

In addition to the chicken and pecans, the salad contained cranberries, apples, blue cheese and, of course, a lettuce mixture.

I dug in - wow! I did not think it would be this good!

The lettuce was wonderfully fresh and crunchy.  The apples tasted as if they were recently picked.  There were many more cranberries then I expected and they were sweet and tasty.  The roasted pecans were absolutely delicious.  And the blue cheese was exactly what you want it to be - creamy and with a slight tang to it!

There was a large portion of grilled chicken.  Like most of these salads, there was a slight "processed" taste to it, but the overall flavor was excellent, and it seemed to be real breast meat, free of any grizzle or other distasteful parts that these fast food choices can have.

Best of all, I found the salad filling and satisfying and I was content until dinner.

So overall, I was very impressed and happy with this salad and it's good to know that there is a tasty, healthy fast food choice!

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