Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Facing reality….

So I promised you guys I would talk about the concert.  I wrote the whole post and then misplaced my tablet.  Pretty sure I know where it is and rather then re-write the whole thing I’ll write about something else today and post the concert report tomorrow.

How about some more whining?  That’s always fun, right?

I think I have to face reality.  Today I was in almost UNBEARABLE pain all morning.  Pretty sure I have Piriformis Syndrome.  I was planning on running during lunch, but the amount of pain I was in – forget it.

But I did walk.  And as I was walking I realized that I am coming to the grim admission that I might have to take an extended break from running.  That thought terrifies me.

The rest of the walk meant some self-talk.  About when to take a break and what else I can do to maintain my fitness and sanity.  The Run for Recovery is September 6th.  I will run that if it kills me.  But after that?

I came back to the office and made an appointment with the local orthopedic group.  I didn’t know this but Marc recently told me that they have a sports medicine specialist!  That appointment is September 23rd so it is a little while out, but having the appointment at least gives me something to look forward to in a way.

I’ve just been running and hoping this problem goes away magically – enough denial. 

Now if I could only get the courage to put my fat ass on the scale and face that reality!!!


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  1. I've had varying levels of piriformis for a long time. Just last week mine was acting up, so I went to my massage guy. He worked a long time on my psoas muscle. This helped a whole lot. He said if you can bend your knee and the pain eases, it's probably your psoas. Until your appointment, you might try working on that a bit. Good luck!