Friday, September 13, 2013

Vacation in review...

So, I did it - I knew I would.  I got on the scale and was HORRIFIED at the number it shot back at me.  I have managed to keep the sense of panic down, relatively speaking.  We'll see what the next couple of days bring.  It's 3PM - I used the elliptical for an hour this morning and have eaten rigorously well so far today.  Back on track immediately - that's what needs to happen!

At any rate, so we were on vacation in Pymatuning State Park in Pennsylvania.  We again stayed at one of their cabins that allows dogs - thanks Pennsylvania for allowing them in some of your cabins!  The area was much nicer then a different part of PA where we stayed last year.

The back of the cabin.

 A view from the porch - overlooking Pymatuning Lake.

We spent a day hiking the Western Reserve Greenway trail in Ohio.  It was a wonderful trail.  I have to say that I was surprised at how INCREDIBLY nice the people are in Ohio!  It was my first trip to this state, and I was impressed to say the least.  

 All decked out in our backpacks heading for the hike.

This area had an tremendous heat wave - high's in the 90's!  I was in heaven, but it was too hot for the dogs to hike too far the next day.  So we headed up to Ashtabula, Ohio and found Lake Shore Park.  Both my boys were thrilled to have some time to cool off and play in Lake Erie - is was refreshing!

After a while we headed out.  Again, we set off not really knowing where we were going - letting the wind - or fate - direct us.  We ended up in Rock Creek where we stopped at a local park and had a late lunch.  Again, the boys found the water and had to play!  Marc spotted a Blue Heron.  He was the most tame I had ever seen.  

I got pretty close, but he got nervous and took off into a tree where he began "yelling" at me!

 We took September 11th as a time to visit the Avenue of 444 Flags in Hermitage PA. 

And did some shopping at a local outlet mall.  Back at the cabin, we sat outside on the porch enjoying the peace and quiet and the beautiful views.

 Sunset over Pymatuning Lake.

Our last evening we spent relaxing.

Our last day, we headed north to the Pymatuning Spillway.  Unfortunately it was raining hard, but I did get to see what they meant by "the place where ducks walk on the fish"!

 A tremendous variety of ducks gather here.
The fish fill up the spillway - it was a little creepy.

So, I know for some of you, this non-exotic vacation would be pretty boring.  But for us, it was a wonderful time.  It gave Marc and I a chance to reconnect.  It was peaceful and relaxing, and I think we made the most of it.  It shook me out of my routine, which, as I reflect more, is a good thing.  If that means I have to spend the next few weeks back in "diet" rather then "maintenance" mode - I think it was worth it.

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