Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Anyone feeling like that today?  It's seems that the fall slump has hit and a lot of people are thinking of throwing in the towel.  I am seeing a lot of people complaining that they are hungry, and depressed, and just wanting to surrender.  

Remember my friends - this is NOT easy.  You know your body DOES NOT want to lose weight in general and this time of year is the worst.  You are fighting it.  Your body is encouraging - DEMANDING really - to EAT!  It wants to fill you with high carb, fatty foods.  That was HEALTHY and NECESSARY years ago when we didn't have a thermostat to crank up in the winter.  We, as a species, needed a fat layer to keep us warm and to ensure survival through the winter.  Survival is pretty much the prime directive.

So, yeah - it's a hard time of year.  I'm feeling it too.  There have been many times in this journey when I have wanted to give up.  In addiction recovery they call it the "Fuck its".  I had the Fuck its last night.  I was so cold, and hungry, and feeling sorry for myself because my weight is still up from last week's multiple pig out fests.

That carried over into today.  I was sitting at my desk this morning doing paperwork and just feeling really sorry for myself and unmotivated and Fat Jen was trying desperately to convince me that I should just stop trying to be thin and let my body do what it will.

And so what did I do?  I went out and ran a few miles.  It was cool, but it was sunny.  And I felt good and my Achilles even cooperated!  And then I came back and ate the healthy lunch I had brought.  

As I tell my clients all the time - no one has ever gotten in trouble for their THOUGHTS, only their BEHAVIOR.  So it's totally OKAY to get the fuck its, but you don't have to ACT on those thoughts.  Feel sorry for yourself, cry, scream, and then carry on.  BUT DON'T GIVE UP!!

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