Sunday, September 15, 2013

Things I love: Bondi Band

If you guys have looked at my running pics, you see that I wear a headband when I run.  I am not much of a "sweater" but on hot days when the sweat starts to flow and you find yourself running with sweat in your eyes?  That's bad. 

So I got on Runner's World and asked for recommendations.  Several people recommended Bondi Bands so I decided to give them a shot.  They have a variety of products to choose from, but I went right to the headbands.  They have a HUGE selection of headbands, from playful designs, to plain colors, to what is my favorite - sayings!

They have sayings for a variety of sports: biking, running, soccer, triathletes, etc., as well as ones for general fitness.  I placed my first order last year.

When I first received my Bondi Bands I was a bit skeptical - they seemed REALLY thin.  So I wasn't sure that it would actually soak up the sweat as promised.

This shows how thin the band is.  It also shows how NOSEY Archer is!

 So I set off on my run.  Much to my happy surprise, not a drop of sweat ran down my face.  After my run I took it off and was SHOCKED at how WET the band was.  It was literally SOAKED.  And yet not a drop escaped.  It baffles me how these bands can hold so much wetness - it's like magic, LOL!

So after wearing my bands over a year and washing them after every run, they continue to hold up well.  There is no loss whatsoever in their sweat wicking ability, although the color of the bands themselves have faded from being repeatedly washed.

I just got some new bands a month or so ago.  Another thing I LOVE is that each "sayings" band you can choose from a HUGE variety of colors.  Here I am today, right after a 13 mile run wearing one of my new bands:


 When I ran the half 2 weeks ago, I wore the band that says "13.1 - Only half crazy", and that got a lot of comments, but last week, when I ran the 10K and wore my Bondi Band that says "I Run So I can Eat" - well, that got a LOT of laughs.

On my last order, I bought a band for Marc that has to do with biking.  He actually wears it more for weight lifting as he gets really sweaty doing that.  Previously he kept an old towel in our workout room so he could continuously wipe off his head.  But now he wears the band and that works like a charm!  He was also surprised at how much sweat these suckers can soak up!!

I always wear my hair in a ponytail, so I'm not sure how well these bands would work to hold back short hair.  But whenever my ponytail holder has "slipped" the Bondi Band has kept the stray hairs that have escaped firmly out of my face.

So, I would check them out for your fitness accessory needs.  They have a variety of other products such as compression socks, armbands, stickers, and even neck bands for your dog!  

Chakotay and Archer on a hike last fall sporting their Bondi Bands.

I also want to assure you that their delivery is fast and in my first order there was an error that they got back to be IMMEDIATELY and rectified the error just as fast.  Your biggest problem is going to be deciding which ones to order!!!

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