Sunday, September 29, 2013

A day spent with nature...

Yesterday, as planned, we decided to go for a long hike in the Adirondacks.  What a wonderful September day it was!  Sunny, calm, highs in the upper 60's.  You couldn't ask for a more beautiful fall day here in Northern NY.  It was my hope that spending the day hiking would help restore my sanity and serenity.  

I think that it worked.  I felt so at peace walking with Marc and the dogs.  I was able to put most everything out of my mind and just enjoy the sites and smells of fall.  The leaves are changing and were almost at peak.  The air was fresh.  It was a great day.

We hiked the High Falls Loop in Wanakena.  It is in the southern part of the Adirondack Park.  It was over 16 miles and took us well over 5 hours to hike the whole thing.  It was a challenging hike, but we took our time and stopped part way in to enjoy lunch.

The first few miles were relatively easy.

Chakotay and Archer were off leash the whole hike.

Stopping to check the trail maps.

 We paused trying to find out a way to navigate across a flooded beaver dam without getting soaked and ran into this guy!

 About 9 miles into the hike, I saw this.  I was afraid my boys wouldn't cross it, but I told them to go and they went across like champs.  I love them so much!  What great hiking partners!

 The leaves were about at peak.

Some of the terrain was a little challenging.

 We left the house at around 8:45 AM and got home at 7:30 PM.  It was a exhausting day, but in a really good way.  I feel much more settled and that was needed after my tumultuous last couple of weeks.  Hopefully I can hang on to this high!

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