Thursday, September 12, 2013

Headed home...

As I type this, we are headed home.  it has been an interesting and fun vacation.  I have not "let loose" this much in over 3 years.  I didn't do any "formal" exercise, although we hiked and swam and were active.  I also did what I promised everyone, including myself, and did not run trying to give my Achilles a break.

 I also ate pretty freely - without stressing calories.  Part of me feels pretty good about letting my mind and body have a break from my usual ultra rigid routine.  But I can predict exactly what's going to happen. I have vowed not to weigh myself for a few days.  But I know damn well that I'm going to anyway.  And then I'm going to freak the hell out.

 I am trying to do a lot of positive self talk - there is nothing that I did or did not do that is going to make me unfit and fat in 1 week.  So there is no reason for me to melt down....right?

 More to follow....

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  1. IF YOU WEIGH....breathe in breathe out THEN re read what you wrote wait 3 days and you will be right back where you were before you recreation{or as I see it RE CREATION}!