Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome May!!!

May 1st is here!  The warm sun is finally shining brightly and is bringing the promise of a wonderful summer.

I am starting this month in a fantastic place physically and mentally.  I feel the happiest then I have felt in years.  I am right within my "correct" weight  zone and looking forward to accomplishing a major goal of running the half marathon.  I am confident in my ability to tackle this summer in a healthy way.  I am getting better every single day at accepting myself and giving myself permission not to be perfect.

I want to spread this joy out like peanut butter on a hot bagel, so visualize me sending some of these good vibes to anyone out there who is struggling or just needs a pick me up.

A new month, a new start.  Time to begin the push towards summer.  This journey is not easy, but it is WORTH it.  

Think of waking up every day and loving yourself and your life.  Imagine putting on a dress and loving how it looks on you!  Visualize how you want your life to be and make it happen.  


  1. KUDOS my friend..BUT a tiny reminder YOU have already run MORE than a 1/2 marathon..just not an official one!
    You are very special!!!!

  2. Well thanks, Gayle, but there will be something special about running in an official race!!!

  3. Walked 15mins. yest. So out of shape but I will do it again today. Thanks for your blog.