Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ripped from the headlines...

Ok, so there have been 2 stories in the news this week that have to do with weight issues.  

The first is Gov. Chris Christie.  It was revealed that he had "secret" lap band surgery a couple of months ago. I know that his health has been a grave concern, and he definitely was looking a I really hope this works for him.

To piss Republicans off, I've been saying "You know, when Bill Clinton gained some weight, he took up running and eating better rather then having surgery!"  But I really am saying this only to piss off Republicans - come on, it's fun.  In reality, I believe weight loss surgery is a very personal choice.  I couldn't imagine myself doing it, but that was my choice.  I don't care HOW someone loses their weight, as long as they lose it.  And, as many people can attest to - any of these surgeries are not a "quick fix".  A lot of lifestyle changes still have to take place for the weight to come off!

I just wish that he would be a little more honest in acknowledging that a probable Presidential run HAD to have some impact on his decision making.  Be it right or wrong, he would never win being as obese as he is.  But, he is a politician, so I can't expect too much!  I am glad that he has admitted to having the surgery rather then lying about it.

Secondly, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch made headlines this week for saying that he targets "attractive, All-American" types to work at and buy at his stores, so therefore the stores don't carry anything above size Large.  Apparently he doesn't want fatties shopping in his stores. 

He freely admits that they are "exclusionary".  Not sure how much business sense this makes in America today, but that is his absolute right as the CEO of the stores.  It is also the absolute right of THIS shopper (who wears size extra small/small) to not buy a crappy ass jean skirt for $78.  Thanks but no thanks. 

Incidentally I find it interesting that someone who is as fucking HOMELY as he is to be talking about targeting only attractive people.  But maybe he doesn't wear their over-priced, pretentious clothes, either...

Any thoughts?

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  1. I happen to be a Republican, but I agree with you. I also have never had a weight problem, so I can't relate. But I'd rather see it done the way you did!!

    Maybe Gov Christie has tried the other methods and failed, I have no idea. But I agree he'd never be elected. I have a friend who won't vote for a seriously overweight person. She figures, if they can't take care of themselves, what says they can take care of the city/state/country? I'd be more afraid they would drop dead while in office.

    Bill Clinton looks great!!