Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let's talk clothes!

I work in a job where I have to dress up every day.  I don't have to be in ULTRA business attire, but I do work as a professional and have to look the part.

In my former fat life, dressing for that role proved difficult.  I had gotten to the point where I was so fat, that I couldn't shop at regular stores.  Not for professional attire at least.  Instead I had to shop online.  The main criteria for choosing clothing was not whether I would like the style or color, or even whether it looked good on me, but whether it was something I could fit into.  It really sucked.  

And, because clothes manufacturers believe that all fat women have HUMONGOUS boobs, this flat chested chick would have tops to suits that hung loosely in the boob area just so the rest could fit.

I remember the day that I went into Fashion Bug after losing a lot of weight.  As most of you probably know, Fashion Bug carries both "regular" as well as plus sized clothing.  I came running out to the car and said to Marc "I just bought a skirt and it was a LARGE!  There was no X anywhere!!"  He was happy for me, but it's different for men - I don't think he knew what it meant after years of going from XL-4XL and back down what it meant to just buy something without that dreaded letter. 

And for years I dressed in as loose materials as I could to hide my body.  I, of course, paid premium price for everything, because they know that the really obese are a captive audience.  Because my clothes size was so limited, I took what I could get and didn't get to wait for sales.   

That has all changed now.  I get to shop on major sales racks.  This is especially true because I am mostly wearing an X again - Extra Small that is!  So I get great deals!  I find myself liking form fitting outfits that accentuate my body.  I can order things online and guess what?  They almost always fit perfectly.  And I usually am pretty happy with the way things look! 

And the selection - WOW!  I never knew how many choices there were out there.  I have to actively remind myself that I don't have to buy something just because it fits.  I can pick and choose!  

Between the new stuff that I have bought and the things that were given to me by my wonderful family and friends, I'm becoming a bit of a clothes hound.  But since I get good deals - I'm not spending a ton.  

Check out a couple of new summer outfits...

And this was a $5 STEAL from Kohl's that I'm wearing today...

So in addition to all the benefits of losing weight, here is something else that you can look forward to!


  1. I too am a clothes horse from weight loss,I shop mostly thrift stores. It killed me when I gained the weight because I lost a whole walkin closet NOTHING fit .Every thing fits again or is too big ,go figure.
    Guess just have to buy more! But there aren't many ( dare I say) tiny clothes.
    Your dresses are very cute..I don't go anywhere to need clothes but it does't stop me! Hense shopping at thrift stores my hubby calls them my disposable clothes..I just never throw them away!

  2. Love the style of the red dress. It's definitely a good color for you.