Friday, May 24, 2013

Waiting for the miracle...

I've talked here on many occasions about how much the journey of weight loss has in common with the journey of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  I think that I am especially attuned to it because I work every day with drug and alcohol addicts and hear their stories and struggles and can identify so strongly with what they are going through.

In Alcoholic Anonymous, they have a slogan:  


So what are they talking about?  Well, one of the definitions of miracle is the following:  A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment.

I think that it is a miracle that I lost 228 pounds.  Nothing - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - in my history would have pointed to me being able to accomplish this!   

So what is the miracle you are looking for?  Because miracles lie all over the place:
  • Being on a plateau and suddenly dropping 3 pounds in 1 week
  • Turning down that piece of cake and eating your salad instead
  • Realizing that you are exercising because it feels good, not just because you "have to"
  • Walking 4 miles and realizing nothing hurts
  • Hugging someone you love and realizing that their arms go all the way around you
  • Getting up in the morning and looking forward to starting your day
  • Running 30 minutes without stopping
  • Putting on a size 8 dress and realizing that it is loose
These are all small miracles at times for those of us who have struggled with weight.  And just because a miracle happens, doesn't mean that every single day is a miracle.  There will still be those days when you eat the brownie instead of the carrot.  And there will be days when it seems like an impossiblity that you can lose the weight you want to.

The point is DON'T QUIT!  The miracle you are seeking could be 5 minutes away!  When suddenly you "get it".  When the world makes sense.  When your dreams start to come true.  

What has been a miracle for you in this journey?

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