Monday, May 20, 2013

Things I LOVE - CamelBak water bottle.

As you all know, drinking water is SO important.  Not just for those of us trying to lose weight, but for everyone.  We are dehydrated as a nation and we drink crap that has unnecessary calories.

I am a water-o-holic!  Which is why I love my CamelBak water bottle

In fact, I have 2 of these - one for work and one for home.  And Marc has one as well.  What I really love about these is that me, being the clumsy goof that I am, I am constantly knocking crap over.  The have like a vacuum seal and water only comes out when you bite the valve.  Therefore when you drop it or knock it over it doesn't spill.  I have dropped mine a couple times and it didn't break.  So it is well made.

You can drink the water without tilting it back.  The top has a hook that is convenient to strap things to - you could also hook a carabiner through it and then stick it on your belt loop or purse.  This version, which I have, comes in a couple different sizes.  I would say that I drink about 5-6 full bottles a day!

CamelBak also has a lifetime guarantee.  Which I know a lot of companies say that, but Marc recently had the valve not tilting upright after a few years of use.  He wrote to CamelBak and they sent him a new one without any drama.  Nice to have a company that stands by their product, huh?

So, you will see me with one of my CamelBaks at just about all times.  It helps remind me to drink.  They come in a variety of colors and, of course, both of mine are orange!  

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  1. I just replaced my several years old Camelbak 'Better Bottle' with this one. I love the design change to the top - the old bite valve spit water sometimes and made a hissing noise, and it was hard to clean around the connector to the bite valve (valve was much smaller). This one doesn't do that. And, the piece that broke on my old one was where the short bite valve connected, so this one doesn't have that. I'm loving it. I need a second one for home so I don't have to carry it back and forth. And a 32 oz one that will fit in my car, as I got the larger size for some reason.