Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My projects...

So, are you sick of me being a self-pitying whiny ass bitch this week?  Yeah, me too!  So let's talk about something else!

Ok, so first an update on my baby boy Chakotay.  It has been only 3 weeks since we started trying to assist him in his own weight loss journey.  The poor bugger.  It's hard with animals - even with young kids you can kind of explain things to them, but not to pets.  I think he is starting to get it a little anyway.  I took an updated picture last night and tried to get the same angle.  I think that you can see a little difference - what do you think?

May 8:

May 28:

I think he definitely looks thinner.  You know I should take measurements since it is next to impossible to weigh him on a regular scale!  We will continue to work with him and hopefully continue to see positive results!

Sometimes I think to myself that my life has become all about food obsession and exercise.  But I do have other hobbies, honest!  Did you guys know that I crochet afghans?  I finished this one last night:

I find crocheting relaxing.  I sit down at night while watching tv and I feel like I'm doing something productive, but it's not taxing on either the mind or the body.

This is one that I've made several times.  It makes a great wedding gift.  It is pretty fun to make.      

I made this one for our niece Mary for her baby, Maxine.

So I do have a life outside of what I always talk about here!

Today is a better day emotionally if anyone is wondering!  


  1. I can see a difference. At least, he is making a little progress, but I know it is difficult to deny your pet food and treats if he is used to getting them.
    Archer in the background looks like he is thinking, "What's she taking pictures of him for? I'm the good-looking, thin dog!" LOL!