Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!!

I just wanted to make sure that I wished all my readers a Happy Easter!  I hope that the day goes well for you and that you achieve success with whatever plan you have established.

I know some of you will face this challenge so I want to remind you - WHATEVER AND HOW MUCH you choose to eat is YOUR CHOICE!  It is your body and your life.  It is none of anyone else's business. 

So don't explain, don't apologize to ANYONE if you don't want to.  AND if anyone is giving you a hard time, have a plan of what you are going to say BEFORE you join your family!!  My plan would be to say "Mind your own fucking business" but I realize not everyone has it in them to say that!

My plan is to have a completely free and clear day to eat and eat and eat.  Marc and I and the dogs hiked 11 miles today in addition to doing a P90X DVD this morning, AND I plan to run at least 7 miles tomorrow morning before leaving for Marc's sister's house.  So I am pre-emptively trying to undo some of the damage!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Here are my boys after the hike:


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